Monday, 3 June 2013

My Week #22

This is my week 22 shown above, my page has a kind of hippie/bohemian look. I added the Tinkerbell stickers for a bit of fun and thought they went well with the colour scheme. The lyrics in the bubble writing are from Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynrd, I love these lyrics (note the cute little VW camper van sticker, love these, they were from Paperchase).

Not a lot has happened this week, after last weekend being very busy and being away we've just chilled out. Although this weekend I have been very poorly, started with a sore throat on Friday and I struggled through the day at work, spending the rest of the weekend in bed.

I'm still suffering now, this is the first time I've been ill in eight months which means my immune system must be getting better, but now I just want this cold/cough to sod off! No fun at all. Every time I eat anything that isn't soft (in particular, toast, anything with breadcrumbs) I have a massive coughing fit. At least I got jelly and ice cream for pud yesterday though <3

My boyfriend bought me these beautiful flowers as a get well soon present, they are roses and irises, beautiful cheerful colours. I've got them on the table next to me, the irises are just starting to poke their purple heads out from their leafy beds.
That's all from me, I'm going back to my pit to rest! xx


KT said...

this is beautiful!

MySummerTouch said...

Wow, you have managed to decorate a pocket size! Although, I thought I have no space in my personal size malden, and I have started to decorate it too this week!
Love youe pages!

MySummerTouch said...

Wow, you managed to decorate a pocket size! Love your pages!
I thought I don't have enough space in my personal malden, but after I decided to write appointments only, I have the free space! I started to decorate this week, and excited about it! :)