Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Week 24

So, here is my week no. 24! Really enjoying using different colour schemes each week and experimenting with colours and washi tape.

I have used a black and yellow theme this week (I think I was trying to summon the sunshine), unfortunately it didn't work =(

I used washi tape that I received in my secret swap package last week, I really like the stripes. I used clear stickers over the top to add some black and boldness, and to inspire me this week. The stars and hearts were just black outlines but I used a yellow Sharpie pen to colour them in, again to add some more colour to my page. I used my usual colour highlighting system and added a few cute animal stickers that went with the colour scheme.

So what have I been up to this week? Myself and my boyfriend had three days off at the beginning of the week, it was nice to relax, we didn't do anything in particular though.

On Tuesday The Civil Wars, one of my favourite bands, had a big announcement, they released a new single and their new album will be out on 6th August. I write these things down because I think at the time, I'll have to buy that, then when the time actually comes around I've forgotten all about it! Here's one of their videos.


It was my Dad's birthday on Friday as well as being Father's Day on Sunday, unfortunately he lives in Wales and me and my boyfriend couldn't change our work to visit him. I sent his presents with my sister - I had to drive to hers on Thursday night after work.

That's about all I've done apart from today I scrubbed the grout in our shower with a toothbrush and bleach, it looks so much better. We live in a hard water area, so we get a lot of limescale. I've now strained a muscle in my hand!!

We're going to my boyfriend's brother's for dinner tonight, get to see their new pad, exciting!

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terri said...

love your handwriting :)