Friday, 13 December 2013

New Dividers - Chalkboard Theme

I thought I'd share with you the dividers and overall theme for my personal organiser. I really love the chalkboard theme, there are so many lovely things out there!

For my dividers I used the My Minds Eye Chalk Studio collection:

My Minds Eye also do some co-ordinating stickers which were pefect to label some of my pockets:
I received an order from Organised Mum this morning, and although I'm not using their diary pages for 2014 I am using some of the supplement packs.
I use their meal planning pack every week, it keeps us organised and we know exactly how much we will spend when we do the food shopping.
I ordered their finance pages, which I have used before, which should help me budget better.
And I got their family pack too, with pages for organising holidays, Christmas, etc.
I also ordered a Lechturm pen loop in purple, I was unsure if my Staedler pens would be too thin but the loop is elastic and fits these pens perfectly, ideal for using a second coloured pen for important information on my weekly pages.
Things are looking up! The only problem is, Purple has definitely fattened up for Christmas...

Monday, 2 December 2013

Where on Earth have I been?!?!

Wow, it's been a long time since I've posted anything, but I've been so busy! Mainly due to the fact that I went on holiday mid-October for my 25th birthday, and my lovely partner proposed to me on 13th October, two days before my birthday!

So, in true 'me' style, pretty much as soon as we got back from holiday I was on the internet searching for ideas. If you're curious at our plans take a look at my wedding moodboard on Pinterest:

Not only are we planning our wedding at the moment, but it's that time of year again... CHRISTMAS!! I'm sure I get more excited every year, I'm sure that's not supposed to happen. But hey, who gives a crap?

What have I been doing, craft-related? Well, of course I have designed our wedding invitations, of which seem to cost an arm and a leg, unless you're super money-savvy, in which case you use Vista Print. Our wedding invitations are only going to cost around £40 (including evening invitations and RSVP cards), as opposed to around £200.

What about Filofax, what have I been doing? Well, my planner has been amazing these past few months, I have a wedding section and loads of Christmas information which quite frankly I would be totally confuddled without.

I have moved back to personal size because there is so much more room, and ordered myself a purple planner from Paperchase which I've been using for a few weeks now. I love the colour, and the large slip pocket in the back is excellent, especially useful for keeping "you were out" notes from the postman. Who probably hates me right now. Because I've become best buddies with Amazon.

I've made some of my own inserts on lilac and cream paper with a traditional yet clean and simple theme, and seeing as I decided (again) to change Filofax sizes at a stupid time of year, I printed some weekly diary pages on cotton cream paper to last me up til the new year. They work very well.

Wedding budget planner printed on lilac paper

Weekly diary printed on cream paper

For 2014 I'm going to order the cotton cream inserts from Filofax, and use my Studio L2E stamps to make them lined, I just prefer writing on lines, it makes my writing look neater and I prefer a more uniform look.

I'm also going to decorate my pages again - part of me thinks this is a waste of washi, but I do use my planner more when I know it's nice to look at. Oh, how I wish I had more washi! I have £27 worth of washi tape in my eBay basket, I'm just waiting til after Christmas and before Wedding saving to treat myself, then that will be it, no more self-indulgent spending for me!

And here are a few of our holiday snaps from Rhodes (Greek island):

Lindos village
"Siesta - please do not disturb" Love that this sign was
permanently nailed to the door!
St. Paul's Bay - lovely little chapel down a very steep hill
The view from our balcony
I really miss sunshine... I would love to go back to Rhodes, it was such a special holiday.
 Anyway, better sign off now, Pinterest is calling! Toodle-ooh, pip pip and all that English stuff. xx