Sunday, 28 April 2013

New Setup & Dividers

I've made my new dividers today, and despite being covered in glitter, they look lovely, I'm really pleased with them.

My inspiration was the Paperblanks notebooks. I loved the colours and the gold manuscript on the front.

And just to remind you, this is the inspiration moodboard I created:

So here are my lovely new dividers with top tabs. I am yet to write titles on the dividers as I'm not sure what method to use.
And remember... after heat embossing... clean up the embossing powder you have spilt with sticky tape. Boyfriends do not appreciate glitter.
So pleased!

Friday, 26 April 2013

Moleskine Arrival - New Setup

My Moleskine arrived this afternoon when I got home from work, and I dived straight in and stuck her in my Filofax. Here are some pictures of the comparison between the size of the moleskine pocket and the pocket filofax.

You can see the Moleskine pages are slightly wider and slightly taller than normal sized Filofax pocket pages, that is one of the appealing features that drew me to using the Moleskine for Filofax pages.
The Moleskine is made of eight or so small separate notebook sections which I carefully removed from the outside bound cover, and trimmed a small section off the rough edge. I then made a template and punched my holes in the right place.
Et Voila! One beautiful pocket Molskine binder.
 I already love the freedom of the pages, I know it's Friday, but I tested some doodle-y style journaling/planning.
So very pleased with the outcome, although I may have to get more Moleskine journals as writing paper so all the paper is the same size. I also need to make my new dividers (yes, I know, more new dividers, but I want them to be the same size as the diary!)
I'm thinking of getting some different coloured Coleto pen refills as well, at the moment I only have black, light blue, dark blue and purple.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Video: My Purpley Life

Just thought I would share a lovely video by the wonderful Jennifer who blogs at mypurpleylife. She has used one of my moodboards to create her weekly page and it looks brilliant, excellent job, Jennifer!


Here's a peek at the Moleskin-spiration I found for my new diary layout.



A new design for my Filofax

Now I know I've decided I'm going to buy a Moleskine and use the pages as my diary, I've been researching the way people decorate their Moleskine pages and there are some really beautiful pages out there. It makes me feel even more inspired!

Here is a new concept board for the theme I'm going for, based on the historical style of the domino baroque.

I saw the notebooks from Paperblanks and wanted to create some dividers in the same style. Then it came to me... all I need to do is buy some paper similar colours to the book covers, and a manuscript stamp, and heat emboss the writing in gold as demonstrated on this handmade card:

If you want to learn more about heat embossing, have a look at this useful video.


This is the rubber stamp I've found that I will buy for my dividers:

I also had a play around on Photoshop to get an idea of the kind of pages I'll be creating. I decided to go for week to view rather than daily as I thought I'd be more inclined to keep decorating the pages weekly rather than doing seven pages at the weekend, or stuggling to find the time to complete my pages during the week. For those of you who have not read my previous posts, I want to add journaling to my pages, and I think the Moleskine layout is perfect for that. I can add my weekly to-dos, chores and appointments on the left page, and on the right I can add journaling, quotes, artwork and images to illustrate the week I've had. It's not a very well Photoshop-ped piece, but you get the idea, and it was enough to convince me this will work.

Take a look at my next post to view the Moleskin-spiration I found on my travels.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Update: New Filofax, Dividers & Ideas

I seem to be trying lots of new things at the moment, just trying to get everything right, how it works for me. I purchased my dream Filofax on Adspot this week, a lovely pocket domino baroque in brown. I received it yesterday and she's already got a set of new dividers, although I'm not sure I'll be keeping them, I want something a bit different.

Here is my lovely new Filofax. She's a lot more sturdy than my other dominos, and smells beautiful. She looks just like something from a fairytale, which is where I got the inspiration for the dividers.

New dividers, made from my stash of DCWV Once Upon A Time collection paper:
What I would really like is something along the lines of this, but these are book covers from Paperblanks. I love these colours, and the olde worlde theme.
 My front page is from a piece of scrapbook paper:
So, what are my new ideas?
Well... although my new diary format is working for me, I don't really want to spend my spare time printing pages for my diary, I want to be decorating in them, writing in them, making them beautiful and memorable, keepsakes for years to come.
So I've used the idea as given my Steve Morton on his Youtube video and decided to buy a week to view Moleskine which I will hack to fit into my pocket Filofax. All I will need to do is trim the pages from the book, punch the pages, and make some dividers the same size.
This is the layout I'm thinking of, it has a week to view on one side and a lined page the opposite side, perfect for journaling and decorating as I wish.
I love the modern and uncomplicated design of Moleskine pages, and I've seen some wonderful examples of how people use these as daily planners:
This last one is probably my favourite. I'm always seeing things in magazines and keeping clothing tags that I like, but never have anywhere to put them. I'm quite a sentimental person (or a womble, if you will).
I will update you once I've purchased my Moleskine and set up my Filofax!

Moodboard #13: Hakuna Matata

Friday, 19 April 2013

Plans for my New Filofax

I couldn't believe it when Alice Emerald posted her Domino Baroque on Adspot, I have wanted that Filofax for so long and thought she was the only one who had one, and would never sell it. But yay for me, and thank you so much Alice, she's mine!

She hasn't arrived yet but only paid for her a few days ago so all is fine. But while the anticipation built up I decided to do a moodboard for myself.

I was torn between two colour schemes/themes. Either super colourful with a retro/vintage fun pretty feel, or dark and gothic with lots of lace, roses etc. I really couldn't decide, but the super colourful idea was sold for me when I realised that colours make me more productive and are more inspiring to me.

So here is my moodboard:

The bohemian idea came from the sticky notes from Accessorize. They have elephants, hasma hands, etc. on them and I really like this kind of thing. They were exactly what I was looking for, and believe me, I searched for HOURS.

As you've probably seen, I've been decorating my diary pages and journaling in them, using a page per day set up and printing my own inserts. I have a shopping list of stamps and ink pads that I want to buy. I already have some, but there are some colours that I am missing or some that have dried out over time.

As I got a promotion at work last month, I've decided that treating myself is justified... I need some new clothes but to hell with that... Is it wrong that I'd rather spend my money on ink stamps?!

I think I will have to wait to buy washi tape, I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for but if anyone does find anything that is reasonably priced and would fit with my theme please do let me know! The ones on my moodboard are very expensive, £10 for three =(

That's all for now, I will of course do a blog post once she is all set up!