Thursday, 11 April 2013

A Thank You

I just wanted to write a blog post to say thank you to all the people who have left lovely comments on my blog about my moodboards, designs and ideas.

For someone with little faith in themselves, I really do appreciate the comments. It's lovely to know the work I do gives so much happiness to people, even if only for a few minutes. It's really nice too that some of you have requested custom moodboards, and blog posts, and asked to use my moodboards in your blog posts and videos. I love to share my work, because art and design to me is a gift.

Also just as a disclaimer, I have not charged any money for creating moodboards for people. It is my hobby, and I enjoy doing it, and it keeps my hand in design which I miss so much. I reference the images I use on my moodboards in the 'where to buy' section.

And for those of you who have requested a moodboard and haven't heard from me yet... I'm on it, I've got a bit of a backlog! But bear with me, I will tag/contact you when it's completed.

Many thanks to you all, you have made me creative again xx


Steve Morton said...

Hi Laura
I've been very impressed with ones you have created. Have you ever thought about adapting this to house interiors for people in the process of selling their homes. Naturally this would be a fee paying service. But it's a service we used when we sold our UK house and it was certainly worth the money we paid for it.

But keep doing this excellent work and keep enjoy doing them.


laura jane said...

Hi Steve
Thank you for your comment, I did interior design for three years but unfortunately had to leave the job I was in. I would love to start up on my own but I have anxiety issues and no funding.
its still nice to do things like this in my spare time though!

LJ said...

You don't need to thank us. Thank you for all your amazing work - all your moodboards are wonderful and bring a smile to my face every time :-)