Friday, 19 April 2013

Plans for my New Filofax

I couldn't believe it when Alice Emerald posted her Domino Baroque on Adspot, I have wanted that Filofax for so long and thought she was the only one who had one, and would never sell it. But yay for me, and thank you so much Alice, she's mine!

She hasn't arrived yet but only paid for her a few days ago so all is fine. But while the anticipation built up I decided to do a moodboard for myself.

I was torn between two colour schemes/themes. Either super colourful with a retro/vintage fun pretty feel, or dark and gothic with lots of lace, roses etc. I really couldn't decide, but the super colourful idea was sold for me when I realised that colours make me more productive and are more inspiring to me.

So here is my moodboard:

The bohemian idea came from the sticky notes from Accessorize. They have elephants, hasma hands, etc. on them and I really like this kind of thing. They were exactly what I was looking for, and believe me, I searched for HOURS.

As you've probably seen, I've been decorating my diary pages and journaling in them, using a page per day set up and printing my own inserts. I have a shopping list of stamps and ink pads that I want to buy. I already have some, but there are some colours that I am missing or some that have dried out over time.

As I got a promotion at work last month, I've decided that treating myself is justified... I need some new clothes but to hell with that... Is it wrong that I'd rather spend my money on ink stamps?!

I think I will have to wait to buy washi tape, I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for but if anyone does find anything that is reasonably priced and would fit with my theme please do let me know! The ones on my moodboard are very expensive, £10 for three =(

That's all for now, I will of course do a blog post once she is all set up!


Indigo Blue said...

Congratulations on your promotion!

Angel Jem said...

Love the colours! They are so invigorating!

Alice Emerald said...

Im glad you like her.....she was very pretty but not practical enough for me to love her!

LJ said...

Ink stamps are awesome - new clothes are over-rated!!! Loving the plans for your Baroque Domino :-)