Tuesday, 21 January 2014

A5 Purple Malden Setup

I finally got a purple Malden! I found one on Amazon for £82 and decided to go for it, I'd always wanted a purple Malden and I wanted to use it for my wedding planner, but also for my everyday diary and home information.
I've had her for a few weeks now and she's almost completely set up the way I want, although I would like to change or add a few things. I must warn you this will be quite a picture heavy post, so grab yourself a cup of tea and a slice of cake... it's going to be a long journey!
Front Cover - Inside Pockets
From the moment I saw the inside of the Malden cover I knew it would be useful, and that I also didn't want to over-stuff it or the outside would be bulky. The only things I keep in the inside front cover are some coloured sticky tabs, and a 'stamping guide', here is how I use it:
I decorate my pages week by week to give me something to do at the weekend, and also because doing it all in one day would take forever. I use StudioL2E Plan It stamps on vertical week to view pages to create sections for each day (Menu, Bills, Appointments and To Do). The guide helps me see where I need to write future appointments on a page which I haven't stamped on yet.
I love Project Life cards, I started journaling at the end of last year and couldn't keep it up, so I decided to use some of the cards in my Malden. I cut the punched edge off of a Simple Stories Snap pocket page and re-punched it to fit into my binder, then I added four journaling cards - 3 for decoration, and one for emergency contact numbers - good to have in an easy to find place!
Section 1 - Contacts
I decided to use a Chalkboard, black and white, purple and teal theme for my Malden, I love this theme and it reflects me really well. In the picture above, on the left is the back of the Project Life cards (snippets from leftovers of my dividers) and on the right is my first divider for contacts.
Close-up of my tabs that I (successfully) made using black cardstock - then stamped with alphabet stamps in white ink.
Contacts pages I made myself - I didn't like any of the Filofax ones!
Originally this lace effect cardstock was a skin-tone colour but I coloured it with purple ink. I love it!! This is the divider for my diary section. I'm using vertical week on two pages - plenty of room!
At the beginning of my diary section I have monthly calendars which I found online. I use coloured dots to indicate the important dates I need to remember. (I used another beautiful Project Life card for my colour coding key and taped it to the inside of the divider).
Week to view layout with Studio L2E stamps.
Wedding Section
I decided to use purple paper for my wedding section printables because it will be our wedding colour (and I love purple in case you hadn't noticed...).
Zip pocket to hold samples of my dress and other outfits/samples I may need.
Guest list printable I made on Microsoft Word (as with most of the pages I created).
Media Section
This section is for anything media related - mainly books, television and film. I created a few lists for books I am reading or want to read, television series we watch and films on Netflix and Lovefilm that we would like to watch in the future. 
Health Section
My Health section holds all of my fitness information (I don't do a lot of exercise, I much prefer eating...) but am aware I need to start looking after myself.

I keep an exercise log in this section, along with a record of any medical issues or illnesses I've had and how they were resolved. I also keep a log of my weight.
The paper for the divider was an old parchment colour which I stained with turquoise ink.
Events Section
At the moment I only have Christmas planning printables in this section, but I will add lists for buying birthday and anniversary gifts. It helps to have everything written down when there are so many people to buy for!

The Christmas planner also has pages for Christmas baking and organising dinner plans.
Work Section
In this section I'll keep a log of my progress at work (pay rises, meetings, performance reviews) and a yearly calendar to show when I have annual leave booked for.
I'll also track overtime and sickness, but haven't got round to doing these printables yet. Too much to think about, isn't there?!
Writing Section
I used to write quite a lot, and sometimes poetry pops into my mind. I need a central place to write it all down so I don't lose it! This is my writing section, for poetry, inspiration and general ramblings.
Car Section
I just have a log of any work done on my car, and my car information in this section, there isn't really anything else I need to add at the moment, but I could keep a copy of my insurance document in there for safe keeping.
Music Section
I love music, it plays quite a large part in every day. I like to keep a list of artists I want to hear more of, and also a list of songs that I want to learn on guitar. I'll keep my settings in this section for my track recorder when I want to record some songs.
Travel Section
I'd love to travel more, although I only get 20 days holiday a year and not enough money to go anywhere!! I have a travel bucket list in this section, and also a packing list.
In this section I keep all of our contacts for utility bills, cleaning information etc. and a log of my internet passwords.
Me Section
I didn't really know what else to call this section, but it's just for personal notes and information, I also keep gift cards in this section and a wishlist.
Food Section
Food is also a big part of our day, and we do a meal plan every week. I keep Organised Mum meal planning sheets in this section (personal size but if you cut off the bottom left corner they fit in an A5), recipes and lists of recipes to try out.
And finally, in the back pocket I keep a sample of our wedding invitation :)
I hope you enjoyed my post, apologies for the huge amount of pictures but hopefully you will get some ideas from this!