Tuesday, 23 April 2013

A new design for my Filofax

Now I know I've decided I'm going to buy a Moleskine and use the pages as my diary, I've been researching the way people decorate their Moleskine pages and there are some really beautiful pages out there. It makes me feel even more inspired!

Here is a new concept board for the theme I'm going for, based on the historical style of the domino baroque.

I saw the notebooks from Paperblanks and wanted to create some dividers in the same style. Then it came to me... all I need to do is buy some paper similar colours to the book covers, and a manuscript stamp, and heat emboss the writing in gold as demonstrated on this handmade card:

If you want to learn more about heat embossing, have a look at this useful video.


This is the rubber stamp I've found that I will buy for my dividers:

I also had a play around on Photoshop to get an idea of the kind of pages I'll be creating. I decided to go for week to view rather than daily as I thought I'd be more inclined to keep decorating the pages weekly rather than doing seven pages at the weekend, or stuggling to find the time to complete my pages during the week. For those of you who have not read my previous posts, I want to add journaling to my pages, and I think the Moleskine layout is perfect for that. I can add my weekly to-dos, chores and appointments on the left page, and on the right I can add journaling, quotes, artwork and images to illustrate the week I've had. It's not a very well Photoshop-ped piece, but you get the idea, and it was enough to convince me this will work.

Take a look at my next post to view the Moleskin-spiration I found on my travels.


Careless Memories said...

This is my favourite moodboard that you've created so far. I wish I was half as talented as you!

p.s. I have a pocket Domino Baroque as well, they're beautiful aren't they?

LJ said...

Ooh - fabulous!!! I can´t wait to see it when you´ve got it all set up :-)

MySummerTouch said...

Is there such a Ff - Domino baroque?!!

Marianna said...

I've seen that red Moleskine before - love her handwriting!! I also love your idea of using a Moleskine (or similar) for To Do List - appts. etc. on the left page and then journaling on the right. I've actually started doing something like that - with a Moleskine and I hate to say it but I almost - almost like it better than the Filo !! more area to write, etc.!!

laura jane said...

They really are, I adore it! Are we the only two who have one? They're pretty rare