Monday, 1 April 2013

Journaling in a Filofax

I've always wanted to journal every day, but every time someone has bought me a nice diary from somewhere like Paperchase or WH Smith, I use it for about three weeks and then it gets thrown in a box, never used again.

I decided to use another week on 2 page pocket diary at the back of my Domino organiser (which I use daily for scheduling), so I can journal on the go. As my schedule planner is always with me, I thought it would be the most convenient day to jot down thoughts.

It doesn't feel too overwhelming as the pages are small, and so are the sections that I can write in each day.

Here's my first day, and pictures of my 'today' marker which I have customised.



Joanna said...

I totally relate to what you're saying! I have had so many short-lived journals which don't get used more than a month. I started using a personal size WOTP calender as a gratitude journal. I haven't missed a day in two months! Everything seems more manageable with my beloved Filofaxs. said...

I've been journalling in my planner for 20 years using Franklin Covey Compact 2ppd. I have 20 years of archive books in my closet filled with awesome memories. I'm like you - I just can't stick with the separate planners - too much trouble or something. So jotting down notes in my planner is easy and I do it! It's so fun to read back through and see what was going on or read funny things the kids did.

For Christmas a couple of years ago I went through the planner/journals and pulled out things my son had said and put them in a book with photos for my daughter-in-law. She loved it! If I had relied on a traditional journal, I wouldn't have had those stories. Journalling in your planner is the way to go - at least for me!

Joanna said...

20 years worth of journals is amazing! How precious. The book you made about your son sounds like such a treasure. :)