Monday, 10 June 2013

My Week 23

My first week using my Organised Mum inserts! I've got on really well with these, I did use them previously before I wanted to downsize to a pocket, but I've realised how much I missed them. This week is a pink theme.

I was off sick from work for three days this week with a nasty flu - as I talk on the phone all day it would have been very difficult for me to be able to do my job, and I was very lethargic and generally felt rubbish. I'm still suffering with it now, but hopefully I will get better soon, the doctor did say it could last just over a week.

I did some shopping for my secret swap this week, it's the first swap I have taken part in and I really enjoyed finding little stationery things to send to my swappee. However, I won't participate every month, as I don't have a lot of expendible income and just the presents have set me back quite a lot, not considering how much it's going to cost to post it! It'll be nice to do every few months, I think.

Big news this week... went to see Bon Jovi in Birmingham with my big sister! I don't spend a lot of time with my big sister, now we're both grown up we just carry on with separate lives, so it was really nice to spend a day with her seeing a band that we grew up with and both love. (Their set was amazing... a giant classic car!)

I was very sceptical about the fact that their lead guitarist Richie Sambora wasn't touring with the band "for personal reasons", and wondered who they would be touring with instead. His name is Phil Xenidis, and although he's not Richie, he definitely didn't make me miss Richie. (He's got lovely hair as well, very similar to my boyfriend's hair! I would kill for locks like that...)
I also created a front cover for my Filofax this week using Pink Paislee's Jubilee paper. I wanted to add a bit of colour as I first open the binder, and I think this does the job!
No other plans this year for going to rock concerts, although my Dad mentioned going to see Black Sabbath in December... in fact I don't really have any other plans at all for the rest of the year :/ rubbish!
How has your week been?


Anonymous said...

Oh, I do love how those organised mum inserts look! I'm getting bored of my layout aha!

Tracy said...

Your pages are so pretty :)
Ohhh to see Bon Jovi would be a dream :)