Tuesday, 11 June 2013

My Current Setup

My setup has changed quite a lot in the last few weeks. My Filofax journey started when I bought a personal Finsbury in raspberry which I used for about a year, then she had to be returned to Filofax because the colour was rubbing off.

I wanted a Filofax the same colour as the Finsbury (Filofax sent me an aqua chameleon which I really didn't bond with at all, it was very dull and I couldn't love it). I found the Domino personal in grape on eBay and used it for a while until I decided it was too bulky.

After testing several variations of using a pocket (day per page, week to view, Moleskine hacks), I had had enough, I wanted my personal Domino back. Luckily I had held on to her and one day last week I took the plunge and filled her up again. Here she is!

A Review of the Personal Domino

I really like the personal Domino. After switching to various different Filofax this is the one I have stuck to. Maybe it's because I know I'll never be able to afford an Osterley or a Malden, maybe it's just because I really love the colour and the simplicity of the design. It's not fussy, it's well made and it hasn't let me down yet in terms of quality or manufacturing issues. The elastic is still tight and how it should be, although from experience I do prefer a snap closure. I really like the stitching detail round the edges as well, gives it a nice look without being too fussy.

So, my current set up consists of 6 sections and 13 sub-sections. I know, that's a lot of sections, but there is method in my madness.

This is my cover page which I used paper from Pink Paislee's Jubilee collection, I had this in my stash and loved the colours. I also made a little card holder for one of my loyalty cards which is smaller than a business card, to stop it from shifting too far into the card slots on the left. The scrapbook paper is inside a plastic pocket to keep it from getting dog-eared, and I can stick notes onto it if I need to remember things.
Back of the cover page, nice cheerful pink! Then we go to my first tab. I just used my 1-6 tabs that I had in my stash, I may decorate these at a later date but thought I'd keep it simple for now and see how I get on. I may get the stamps from the same range as the Jubilee paper on my front cover, and stamp onto the dividers.
My first section is Personal. In here I just have my personal details page and a world map. I may add more in the future but I just wanted this information separate to everything else for the time being.
Section 2 is my Me section. This is where I have my 13 sub-sections, labelled: Wishlist, WWW, Contacts, Finance, Media, Blog, Food, Home, Travel/Adventures, Fitness, Special Dates, Work and Lists. I used a set of A-Z tabs and used Masking Stickers to cover the letters up on the tabs.  I have a legend on the back of the main divider for this section showing which colour corresponds to which sub-section, and then within each sub-section I have colour-co-ordinated paper and write the headings in the corresponding colours to that section.
Section 3 is my year to view page, I have circled the dates when I am off medication:
Section 4 is my month to view pages, again I've used a colour coding system to mark on the monthly calendars. Coding is as follows: Reminders (e.g renew car tax), my boyfriend's pay day, my pay day, my boyfriend's annual leave, my annual leave, bills due, birthdays and events.
Here is this month's month to view:
Section 5 is my weekly planner, all of the calendar inserts are from Organised Mum. I know I have mentioned this before but I urge you to try these inserts, they really are brilliant!
Section 6 is a general notes section where I can write things down and file them in my sub-sections.
I'm really pleased with my current setup, it finally feels like everything is where it should be and I can reference all my information easily. She is heavier than a pocket, I'm not going to lie, but the extra space is more than worth it.



Aimless Allee said...

Love your system. Can you tell me more about those color coordinated pages? Did you buy, make or download?

laura jane said...

Hi Allee, I made both sets myself, the larger dots are using the Solid Colour masking tape set stickers (you should be able to google these), hope that helps! Xx

Aimless Allee said...

Thanks for answering. What did you use to put the colored strips down the sides of the paper that you use in your subsections?

DEM said...

It looks wonderful!!! I love all of the color!

laura jane said...

I cut down pages from a notebook from paperchase :) xx

Giftie Etcetera said...

Your handwriting is beautiful. I always wonder how someone could ever go smaller than a personal size, but with such a neat handwriting, I can believe it.