Monday, 27 May 2013

My Week #21

So this week has been excellent, due to the fact that I had a day off work on Friday which I have been looking forward to for weeks. I only get 20 days annual leave a year, I always feel drained by the time my days off come round.

My boyfriend and I went to Nottingham this weekend to see Whitesnake, Journey and Thunder. Whitesnake and Thunder are on my 'Bands to see before I kick the bucket' list, so that's two I can tick off, and it was definitely worth it, I loved every minute of it. There's something spectacular about seeing your favourite bands play live, it makes them much more real and able to see how talented they really are. Was really impressed by Whitesnake's lead guitarist, Doug Aldrich. (He's yummy, too).

Anyway...! Back to my week.

This week I used a bright pink and lime theme to cheer myself up a bit. It was an exciting week, and I wanted to use colours that represented cheerfulness and excitement. The patterns at the top and bottom of the pages are rub-on transfers from Basic Grey - they are so easy to add to pages and look really effective, especially on notebook-style paper. It just gives it a really nice pop of colour and pattern, and a really clean, smooth finish.
I added various stickers from my collection (all of the animal stickers are from Artbox), and the doll, rabbit in a frame, keys and butterfly are from a Paperchase set (I think it was Alice in Wonderland themed).
I sketched out the logos of the bands we went to see, I thought this would be a nice touch and I had a little room left over on my notes page. I co-ordinated the colours of the logos with my theme for the week.
Here are a few close-ups of the rub-on transfers:
This is one of my favourite weeks yet, not just because the weekend was excellent, but I love the bright colours and how neat my writing was. I seem to have crammed a lot of info into one week just by writing neater and smaller!
Here's a preview of what I am going to use for Week 22, I found some old wrapping paper I bought from Paperchase which I have never used for anything, and matched with some co-ordinating masking tape sheets.
Make sure you come back next week for more weekly goodness :D



Filo Cuteness said...

I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog Award! Please visit my blog for more info:

LJ said...

Looks like a fab week, and I am in total agreement - yum, yum!!!

laura jane said...

Thank you, love your blog too, your pages are so cheerful! :D

laura jane said...

Glad you agree, LJ! xx