Sunday, 5 May 2013

Note Paper for my Pocket Moleskine-Filofax

I received my three pocket notebooks from Moleskine on Friday, ready to trim down and use as notepaper. I'm quite fussy about my pages, I wanted all of them to be the same size, and as I had used a Moleskine diary for my weekly schedule, I decided to buy more Moleskine notebooks and add them to my Filofax.

Here are the notebooks, I ordered mine from Paperchase but you can get them pretty much anywhere that sells stationery. Moleskine quality is second to none, however slight ink bleed through occurs when using Stabilo coloured fineliners.
As the books are so thin (about 30 pages each), I just removed the spine with a crafting knife and punched the pages.
Now all of my pages are the same size, which looks much neater. I like the rounded corners of the pages too, gives it a nice professional and finished look.
Here it is fanned open so you can see all of the same sized pages.
And just a last picture, because there is some sort of craze going on at the moment... This is my New Look lace-cut satchel with my pocket domino baroque. A match made in heaven =) 


Zara M. said...

I like the rounded pages of the Moleskine diaries too, and I rip out all the pages and hole-punch them to fit in my Filofax! We're funny mix n' match sort of people us Stationery geeks aren't we :) Your Filofax looks lovely with your bag by the way...

Zara M (Filofancy) x

laura jane said...

Thanks for your comment Zara, and thanks for the compliment about my bag and Filofax! xx