Sunday, 19 May 2013

My Week #20

Every week, I have nothing planned, except maybe a few small to-dos that I need to remember. This week is one of those weeks where events just developed and I ended up being quite busy, which in some ways was quite nice.

My mum went on holiday this week with my grandparents (I got to see them last Friday which was really nice). She has gone to Szeged - my granddad is Hungarian, which makes me.... a quarter Hungarian I would assume?! Anyway, she said there was a massive thunderstorm the first night they were there, but she has been having a great time. As my mum lives on her own I had to drop some milk round for when she gets home, and check her little house was okay. I was supposed to water her plants... I forgot.

Monday, was supposed to do yoga with my Fitness Evolved Kinect game, I've had it for a few months and not tried it out yet, and I know I need to do something about the state of my joints, and the fact that I'm about as balanced as a blindfolded kitten on a bouncy castle.

My dad visited me this weekend which is always lovely, he lives in Wales but does a really good job of visiting me and my sister once every three/four weeks. We had home-cooked takeaway last night (bought a few pizzas, potato wedges and garlic mushrooms from the supermarket and cooked it all at home, much cheaper).

I used some of the masking tape I bought last week to do my pages. The blue polka dot tape is so cute, and I used my elephant stickers from Paperchase, which are also super cute. The rain cloud stickers are from Paperchase as well.

The stamps, "dated", "notes" and "details" are by Elle's Studio, as you will see in next week's post I had a bit of an incident with bleed-through, but should be able to disguise it. See picture on the right, on Wednesday :( Sneak preview of next week's page!

We're going to see Boyfriend's grandma today as it is her birthday next week, we bought her some gorgeous flowers which she will love, Boyfriend has great taste!

I spent a bit of time yesterday afternoon making her a birthday card, she really appreciates homemade things. It's got a kind of vintage theme. I used Prima's Tea Thyme range for the background paper.

Looking forward to next weekend, have Friday off and Monday is a bank holiday!!


DEM said...

I love the look of your pages! Fabulous colors. Thanks for sharing!!

laura jane said...

You're welcome, thanks for the comment!