Sunday, 5 May 2013

My Week #18

I have decided to start doing a blog post each Sunday showing you my completed page for the week just gone. Here is my week 18.

Unfortunately I don't have much washi tape at the moment, so I drew beehive patterns instead, and a little bee drawing (which, yes, is a bee and not a stripy cashew nut. I like adding little quirky bits to my pages like this.)

The card is from Pizza Express, we went there for dinner last night and it was really tasty, thoroughly enjoyed it. It's nice to keep little mementos of your week in with your pages.

As you can see, the right hand page is covered in ramblings...

"There will always be someone better than you, and you will always be better than someone else, but you are the only one who is you." Something that popped into my head this week when I got upset that someone at work was creeping up on my high achievements! Petty really, but sometimes you can't control the human mind, only calm it with little quotes and notes of reassurance.

DINNERS THIS WEEK: Meatballs and rice, jacket potatoes, vegetable cashew stir fry, carbonara and flatbread, gnocchi with chorizo.

"I will follow her on a path, Scarlet's walk through the violets. Just tell your Gods from me, all debts are off this year. They're free to leave." A quote from one of my favourite albums, Scarlet's Walk by Tori Amos. This is kind of where the bee drawing came into my mind. The album is one I listen to in Summer, it's beautiful.

The next rambling is just a to-do list for the weekend, none of which I've actually done. I did some pages for my crafts binder yesterday, but ran out of A5 paper so will have to cut some more before I continue.

Hope you've enjoyed my non-eventful week!

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Hetty Stratton said...

Great blog post, I love the look inside your journal.