Saturday, 11 May 2013

My Week #19

Here are my pages for week 19, still love the layout of the Moleskine hack.

Not a very busy week this week, although a lot of birthdays to buy cards for, and lots of baking to do. We made Nutella croissants and some Yorkshire puddings to go with Sunday lunch.

Some sunshine this week, so I took a few photos down by the canal (I walk past here every day on my way to and from work).
You'll see I've been doodling on my pages, I wanted to use stamps but I've had an issue with bleedthrough from the ink pads. I did an ink stamp test earlier while I was preparing my layout spread for next week but unfortunately still experienced some issues.

Top to bottom: 1: Memento ink pad; 2: Pretty Color ink pad; 3: Colorbox ink pad.

The image on the right shows the back of the page and how much bleedthrough occurred. The Pretty Colour ink pad doesn't really count, as it didn't stamp very well.


I decided to try the Color Box ink pad on my new page, here are the results:

A little bleedthrough in one area. The slight outline of the stamp on the next page doesn't bother me but I don't like big clumps of ink. I guess that's what stickers and washi tape are for!
Talking of washi tape, I purchased some Masking Tape decorative sets from Amazon this week. They're a lot smaller than I imagined, but perfect for decorating my pages. More on those next Sunday when I show you the completed page!
Have a nice Sunday - make sure you rest, have a hot chocolate and spend 30 minutes planning your coming week!

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