Sunday, 12 May 2013

Product of the Week

NEW FEATURE ALERT! Product of the week.

There are so many beautiful products out there in the stationery world, I thought I would review one each week.

First up, I stumbled upon this gorgeous Bird Nest Journal by Dorothy Jane on

The Bird Nest journal is very reminiscent of a Victorian lady's notebook. It is beautifully illustrated with birds, butterflies and insects, with gorgeous vintage-style page flags peeking out of the side. It even has little pockets for notes and memoirs, and a variety of lined and patterned papers.
This journal is for anyone who adores the delicate ways of Victorian style, and would make a fantastic poetry book or writing journal.
The description on Etsy confirms the journal has eight heavy cardstock pages, all of the images from Victorian greeting cards and books. There are also 80 lined Moleskine pages incorporated into the book. You also receive tags with the journal which are co-ordinated.
You can purchase the Bird Nest Journal for £25.42, Dorothy Jane ships worldwide.

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