Saturday, 23 February 2013

My Collection

I thought I would share my collection with you today and go through what I'm using (or going to use) each Filofax for.

This is my collection, from left to right:
- A5 black Identity
- A5 black Domino
- Personal grape Domino
- Personal aqua domino
- Personal black Identity
- Pocket lavender Domino
- Pocket chocolate Domino

I love the fact that the colours of my Filofaxes go with the colours in my home office (see picture hanging on the wall and candle on the left)! I love this combination of colours together.

The latest addition is the personal aqua Domino which I've had my eye on for ages, then one popped up on eBay and swoooop I was in there at the last second :D It really does need to stop here though.

So what am I using all of these for? Why would I possibly need this many organisers!

- A5 black Identity - crafts and design/creativity binder - with all of my crafts information, colour combinations info, interior design info and inspiration. Not quite finished this binder yet but I'm getting there.

- A5 black Domino - My Life Story binder, some of you might have seen my previous blog post about my life story binder, I've done the cover page but that's about it so far... I'm trying to write a kind of project brief or list of things I want to include so if anyone has any good websites or templates to help with this it'd be much appreciated!

- Personal grape Domino - my schedule planner, this goes everywhere with me. It has my diary, food shopping list and menu for the week, money tracker, coupons and a general notes section.

- Personal aqua domino - She's empty at the moment! But she will hold all of my song lyrics.

- Personal black Identity - Again, empty! But she will be my home binder. I have all the inserts ready, I just have to wait for my new ink cartridge to arrive so I can print everything out, and also need to make the index tabs. After reading the Homemakers Daily blog post about using the A-Z tabs I'm starting to think I might organise it like that, rather than subjects e.g. home, travel, emergency, but I'm not sure yet.

- Pocket lavender Domino - Empty, was going to use her for my song lyrics but I think a larger format is more suitable.

- Pocket chocolate Domino - Also empty, might use her for travel information when we (hopefully) go to Rhodes in October.

So... any other uses for empty pocket planners?!

3 comments: said...

Thanks for the mention!

Cíntia Fernandes said...

wow nice, you replaced your a5 domino elastic for a ribbon, how cute *-* is it easy to do?

laura jane said...

Hi Cíntia, thanks for your comment! I would say it is easy to do, you just have to get under the rings to remove the elastic, then thread your ribbon through the holes xx