Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Current Setup

I thought I'd share my current setup as it has changed and simplified quite a lot since the last one I did. Also it's a chance to show off my lovely new dividers!

Cover page with family photos in a plastic pocket.

The white page is the back of my personal information page, and the spotty tab is my diary tab.
I am using Organised Mum inserts this year, which I LOVE... this shows the month to view page which I have tabbed with sticky notes and stamped the months on the tabs so I can flick to them easily.
Close-up of the month to view.
Monthly to-do list on the back of the month to view page, useful if you have to remember to renew your insurance or buy presents for someone in a particular month but are not sure what specific day you will task it for. Each month I delegate the monthly tasks into my weekly calendar.
My current week. I have a small pocket for coupons to use that week, reminders, and a little notelet which reminds me how much water I should drink and how much coffee I shouldn't drink!
There are 5 columns, it is supposed to be designed so you can use a column per family member but as I just put my to-dos and appointments in there, then I have the first 3 columns for appointments and to-dos, and the last 2 columns (shown above on the right hand page) for my food diary. I was using this for to-dos but I have started to keep track of what I eat as I have developed some dietery issues I want to keep an eye on.
Second tab is money.
Organised Mum finance sheets. There is a set of pages for each month, you record your income and outgoings, direct debits, then you can list all of your daily spending. I basically record everything that goes out of my bank account then compare it to my online statement reguarly.
Third tab is notes, gotta have notes.
Hate, hate, HATE this paper on the left! But it's only the back of a tab so I think I can get over it. Just some notes.
Tab 4, Food. Very important.
Organised Mum food inserts, you get a set of shopping lists and weekly food planners. We use these every single week, sit down on a Friday night and plan our meals, then I use the Tesco Groceries app to work out the cost.
Weekly meal planner.
Miscellaneous tab. Self explanatory.
So there you go!

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