Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Domino Goes Gothic

I did it!! I'm really pleased with her. I have had a brainwave for a few days to create a damask embossed effect on my domino for my life story project, and after hours of considering how to do it I turned to my old friend... heat embossing. I already know this technique works as I've tried it before on a domino, but I decided to use black on black and it looks awesome :D

It also fits in with my life, because from the ages of about 16 to 18 I was very gothic indeedy. I still have a love for pre-raphaelites and gothic poetry etc. I just don't dress like that anymore, which sometimes makes me really sad :(

So here we go... It's quite hard to capture on camera but you get the idea! It only took 30 minutes as well!


Also I've replaced the elastic with a piece of ribbon (I wanted black velvet ribbon, but the good thing about this is that I can replace it if it gets dirty or frayed). This might not work for an everyday binder as you'd have to keep tying the ribbon, but for a 'look book' so to speak, it'd be fine for occasional use.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, that looks awesome! Really changes the whole look of the Domino!

Alison Reeves said...

Really lovely! I like the touch with the ribbon.

Jo Austin said...

love it!

Can I just ask how you got the hearts comingout of the mouse pointer? I would love that on my blog....!

Unknown said...

That ribbon totally chsnges that filofax from plain and business like to feminine and enticing! It makes me wonder what Victorian secrets are inside!

laura jane said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments! Will do another post when I've worked on my front page :) xx

___rochelllemarie said...

Love it! Wish I could do that. Damask has to be my favorite pattern ever!