Saturday, 2 February 2013

Creative Filofax - homemade dividers

I bought this A5 domino on eBay before Christmas and have finally had a chance to start work on it. So here are the beginnings of a creative goldmine!

I really like using a cordinated set of papers for dividers so it all ties in. By the way... the mustardy colour in the photos is actually a very fresh green...

Sections are:
Colour combos
(A blank tab that might have wishlists in...)



lorena milky said...

I thought I commented on this on my phone but apparently not! I LOVE your dividers! that paper is goregous. I can never find any nice paper to make dividers from, so jealous!

laura jane said...

Thank you Lorena! The paper is from My Minds Eye Sweetest Thing collection, I can't remember the colour way but they do a few colour themes in the Sweetest Thing collection, the papers are a lovely quality. xx

DEM said...

How did you do the labeling on the tabs? I love it!

laura jane said...

Hits, I used little typewriter style font rubber stamps, you can find them on etsy xx