Saturday, 2 February 2013

Filofax spring clean!

I decided the other day to take everything out of my personal Filofax (daily use filofax) and reorganise. I had loads of stuff in it I never even looked at or used, and wanted my whole year's diary in there so I had a shuffle and a sort out.

I ordered some paper online that went nicely with the colour of my Filofax (I've got a Grape domino, it looks like lavendar in the picture though). I made some brand new dividers and set myself 6 tabs instead of 13!!

I made a front cover sheet as well to coordinate with the other papers.

And with days of searching for cute sticky tabs, I just got some basic ones and used my individual typewriter font stamps to mark the months in my diary.
Have you noticed I always craft in my pyjamas?!


lorena milky said...

Lovely! Where did you get the gorgeous paper? I can never find anything nice to make dividers out of.

Robyn Placek said...

Gorgeous dividers and tabs!!

DEM said...

It looks so great!!!!!!! Gorgeous!

laura jane said...

Hi Lorena, its from my minds eye sweetest thing collection xx