Saturday, 2 March 2013

Update on my projects

I've had some time today to get started on some of my projects, so this is just a little update :)

Here is what I've done on my life story book so far. I've done some internal pages as well but I might add some bits and pieces to them.

This is my cover page.

And here is what I've done for my household binder. I decided to order things in my A-Z tabs as I had them spare, and just printed an index on each one. I wanted a printed index but this is better as I can add things as I go along.

I used aqua coloured font for the big letters as it's the same colour as my Domino :)

This is my emergency information page, which is on different coloured paper so it can be found easily.

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LJ said...

Your cover page for your life story book is absolutely gorgeous!!! :o)