Sunday, 17 March 2013


Today I've spent some time making a Travel-o-Fax as we're going on holiday to Rhodes (Greek island) in October for my birthday.

Picture heavy post!

Pocket Domino in Lavender, was not in use and I felt bad for her so here she is, filled with loveliness!
First tab- info. Very important, a bit vague, but this is where personal details and SOS is kept.
Note: all of the pictures on the dividers are from Pinterest.
Using Ray Blake's template again for my tabs, I can't get over how easy these are to make.
First page in the Info section, with a cute quote "May your travels lead you to some amazing places." There's a little picture of a vintage style balloon above it.
SOS page... very important!
Second tab, Hotel. All our hotel details in here. By the way, all the pictures have a vintage-y duck-egg and coral-y pink colour scheme to them. Also a map of where the hotel is.

Travel flight information.
Things to see and do in Rhodes... obviously if we book to go somewhere else another time I can make new inserts for all the sections and archive the old ones/use them in a travel scrapbook.
I typed up some information about the history of the island, local attractions, etc. I wanted my pocket travel-o-fax to be a combination of a travel planner and a guide. I didn't want to use the Travel Pack from Filofax as making my own inserts would be cheaper and more tailored to where I am going.
Journal section... I always love to scrapbook my travels when I return, so to make sure I don't forget anything I've included some journal pages.
Local info... restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, etc.
Planning - checklist for packing, plan of what to do on each day of the week when on holiday.
And finally, notes. I love this picture on the divider.
Hope I've nudged your wanderlust!





Anonymous said...

Ooh, that's such a great idea!
I have to plan an expedition for a University module, and so this is a great idea for planning... Now I just have to choose between my personal songbird or olympic filofax... xD (Or buy a new one! ;) aha)
Looks great!

Unknown said...

That looks amazing!

Anonymous said...

Looks Great!!

Fran said...

Hi there,
my first post here, I just stumbled upon your blog and now am going backwards through your post because your ideas are amazing!

I love the style of your dividers. I tent to try to hard to fill the white space, but to change the borders of the pictures never really occured to me.
Which tools are you using to create them?

Thanks for the post!

laura jane said...

Hi Fran thanks for your lovely comments! Be sure to visit again soon :) x