Tuesday, 12 March 2013

105 Uses for a Filo

I'm sure many of us have Filofaxes we love but no use for them... So here is a definitive list of ideas!

  1. Archive for used Filofax pages
  2. Art journal
  3. Art ideas and planning
  4. Artistic projects
  5. Astrology
  6. Autograph book
  7. Baby journal
  8. Baking
  9. Beauty (make-up tips, how long to keep make-up before it expires, wish list, etc.)
  10. Bedtime stories - nursery rhymes, fairytales, all in one book, your child's favourite collection.
  11. Bills organiser
  12. Blog planner
  13. Birdwatching
  14. Birthday book
  15. Book journal - wishlist, books to read, favourite books, etc.
  16. Business planner
  17. Business cards storage
  18. Camping information
  19. Child information (school details, chores, food they love/hate)
  20. Christmas/Thanksgiving planner
  21. Chocolate! (Not kept in the Filofax... but more of a chocolate journal, recipes, information, favourite chocolates, etc.)
  22. City guide
  23. Cocktail recipes
  24. Collections - stamps, cards, etc.
  25. Condolences book
  26. Course information (if you are studying something at uni)
  27. Daily planner
  28. Design in general
  29. Doodles - it's fun to just mindlessly sketch sometimes.
  30. Dream journal
  31. Emergency planner (your emergency plan, what to do if your pipes burst, etc.)
  32. Face-o-fax - like Facebook, but in your Filofax! Birthdays, relationships, events, you could even record quotes or pictures people have posted that you like, and their favourite films/music.
  33. Family history/genealogy
  34. Family information (clothes and shoe sizes, favourite items to give as gifts, wish lists at Christmas, medical information, etc.
  35. Fashion - clothing combinations you like, items you want to buy, etc.
  36. Films/movies journal - if you love your films. Rate them, write about them, list the ones you can't miss. Also good if you own Netflix/Lovefilm and come across something you want to watch but not at that moment... add it to your list of films to watch!
  37. Finances
  38. Fishing planner/guide/journal
  39. Fitness planner
  40. Flowers journal - language of flowers, about different flowers, etc.
  41. Fonts directory (useful for graphic designers)
  42. Food planner
  43. Gardening
  44. From Mum/Dad/grandparents/siblings to you - inspired by this book, fill the Filo with questions for your parents to answer and they can return to you full of memories =)
  45. Gratitude journal - what are you grateful for?
  46. Greetings card holder
  47. Guitar tabs
  48. Gym buddy
  49. Health
  50. Herbal/home remedies information/journal
  51. Home binder
  52. Home renovation or decorating
  53. Home schooling
  54. Honeymoon planner
  55. Insta-fax - all your Instragram photos in one place. Would be even cooler if somewhere printed them in a certain size and Filofax made little photograph inserts with square shaped pockets like photo protectors =)
  56. Instruction manuals
  57. Jewellery making
  58. Job search information
  59. Knitting and sewing patterns/information
  60. Language (learning)
  61. Letter writing - store letter writing paper, stamps, air mail stickers and envelopes in one place.
  62. Life story
  63. Lists! Lots and lots of lists!
  64. Little book of Calm - fill your Filofax with things that bring you serenity and calm.
  65. Magazine clippings/articles of interest
  66. Motivational journal - images, quotes, poetry, thoughts that inspire you to be happy or achieve goals.
  67. Novel - have you written a novel? Store your manuscripts in a Filo. They will thank you.
  68. Pantone colours directory (also useful for graphic designers)
  69. Papercraft
  70. Party planner
  71. Performing arts - dance, acting, etc.
  72. Personal journal - record your thoughts, and how much you adore the smell of your purple Malden and could sniff the leather all day as if it were your mother's cooking. Jealous.
  73. Pet information/guide
  74. Photography information (exposure info, etc)
  75. Piano chords
  76. Pin-o-fax - like Pinterest, but for your Filofax!
  77. Prayer book
  78. Pocket travel guide
  79. Poetry
  80. Project planning
  81. Purse or wallet
  82. Puzzles (Sudoku, etc.)
  83. Quotations you like
  84. Recipes
  85. Religious information
  86. Shopping (food, clothes or otherwise)
  87. Smash Book or Scrapbook
  88. Smoothie recipes
  89. Song lyrics
  90. Sticker storage
  91. Spiritual information
  92. Tea! Information about all different teas. I'm a tea-o-holic.
  93. Teaching plans
  94. Tourist information
  95. Travel journal
  96. Travel plans
  97. Vehicle information
  98. Visitor information (for your guest room when people stay!)
  99. Video games - cheats/codes, game strategies, etc.
  100. Walking/Rambling journal
  101. Wedding planner
  102. Wellbeing planner
  103. Wikofax - Wikipedia/internet articles that interest you!
  104. Wine journal
  105. Work - whatever your job may be, I bet you can use a Filofax.


LJ said...

See - I knew I needed more Filofaxes :-) And I was already intending to get the Doodle when it comes out to do number 29 in. I have printed this list out so I can have a good read through and jot down notes later :-)

Michelle said...

Great list! Thanks!

Susan Sharpe said...

Brilliant list.

I have one use that's not on the list though.

I'm a potter and have my glaze recipes in my Filofax.

Always to hand and as I have my list of ingredients in there too I can quickly look up what ingredients I need to re order.

Anonymous said...

I use mine as a mini scrapbook (personal size) and once a month print out the photos that I took that month. I punch the holes and put them in with the day I took it. I hope my grandkids thank me some day. Oh yeah, and I also include things from the places I go like a paper place mat or printed menu from restaurants, cut out fronts from my favorite cereal boxes, nonsense like that....