Sunday, 14 July 2013

My Week 28

This week the weather has been really beautiful! Again I'm going to show you both my planner week and my journal week. We've been out and about a lot, having 2 days off at the beginning of the week so I've done a lot more to write about.

It's funny though, since I started a journal I've been doing more with my life because I realised how boring and uneventful it was before. We've been out with friends a lot more, that may just be because of the nice weather. Not sure what the reason is, but it's nice to go out.

My Planner Week

This week I decided to use some leftover scrapbooking paper to decorate my pages. I like using washi tape, but I only have about five or six rolls and have already done them all to death!

I chose a few co-ordinating papers from the same collection and used a patterned dot one for the fake washi at the top of the page. All I did was just cut a strip the right width, stuck double-sided tape on the back, and fake washi was made.

With the other sheet of co-ordinating papers, I cut out some flowers and leaves, and placed them on the page to add a bit more interest.

I've also used a green pen which matches with the green in the paper - I write all my very important things to remember in a coloured pen so they're easier to spot on the page.

You will also see that I've changed my pen setup - I was using a black Uniball Fine Eye pen in my pen loop, but for some reason after a lot of use these go very thick and gloopy. I've slotted in a black Stabilo pen and a co-ordinating one for my weekly important notes, and they fit nicely in the pen loop together as they are very thin pens.

My Journal Week

Balloons!! I used the same technique with scrapbooking paper as I used on my weekly pages, just with a different collection. I loved this layout so much I've done a similar version for next week's planner pages. Here they are together, my personal at the front and the A5 underneath it:

I love this paper collection, it's called What's Up by Basic Grey. I also really like this technique of using scrapbooking paper to decorate pages - you get a really unified look and all of the colours match.
No photographs this week yet, I do have some in mind that I want to add but I am going to have to order them to be printed somewhere. Our printer at home is quite good for pictures, but my boyfriend is currently studying for a course and printer ink is not cheap. I will add a journaling card or something to it later on though.
I always try and write a wish list for my next pay day - sometimes this is a good idea, so I know to keep some money aside for me, sometimes it's a bad idea as the list is very long! But on next month's list I'm going to write 'rest of the Stabilo colour pens'! I bought a pack of 12 different coloured ones, the basics like all of the primary and tertiary colours, black, and brown. And then I found this picture! Lilac, burgundy, peach, violet, navy, aqua, turquoise, two more greens, a lighter brown and two greys! I must have these to finish off my collection. They're really nice to write with.
That's all from me today peeps, I'm going to sit on my sofa and pretend I'm in a garden... we don't have one :,(


natalie said...

You have inspired me to try this journalling lark.
This may be a use for the A5 currently languishing on my desk.

Unknown said...

CultPens do a 20 colour pack of the Stabilo pens for, I think it's around £10. Lemme find a link... Here you go:
They've been that price for quite awhile. I have a set and I'm very fond of them :D

Beautiful pages as usual :D

Unknown said...

CultPens do a 20 colour pack of the Stabilo pens for, I think it's around £10. Lemme find a link... Here you go:
They've been that price for quite awhile. I have a set and I'm very fond of them :D

Beautiful pages as usual :D

Mayra C. said...

I like your wishlist-per-paycheck idea, it seems like it would help keep spending under control a little more while letting you keep checking things off your wishlist. Definitely going to try this for my next check :)

Amy said...

Wow! Laura, you have a real talent for prettying up boring Filofax pages! You journal pages are hardly recognisable! I was looking at those pens in Morrison's today, perhaps I'll sneek some into the shopping trolley next time ;)

Unknown said...

Great post! Would you mind sharing what products you used to make the journal and planner themselves? Sorry if it's obvious- I'm in the states, so maybe we don't have the same products? (what is a "filofax"? I will be googling:) Thanks!

Unknown said...

Hi- great post! love your content on this site. would you mind sharing what you used to create the planner and journal? Sorry if it's obvious and I don't realize. I'm in the states, so maybe I haven't seen it? Thanks!! Happy creating:)

laura jane said...

Hi Amanda, I will do a blog post on the things I use for both, some time this week. Filofaxes are binders often used for organisation, there is a whole community of people on who decorate their pages :) check out the Facebook group Filofax for Philofaxy Fans!