Thursday, 18 July 2013

July Wishes & Loves

New feature! *woop*

Seeing as you guys love my moodboards so much, I thought I'd do one each month of my monthly loves and wishes.

Loves = things I have been using this month that I love
Wishes = things I want to buy this month

Here is the first one for July:

1. Freshly cut flowers. Nothing makes me feel more cheerful, they are so lovely to look at and smell pretty! We've started doing our food shopping on a Friday night so there are always reduced flowers in the supermarket, and they still last for 10+ days!

2. The Civil Wars' new single. Not sure if any of you are familiar with The Civil Wars - they are a duo, I would call them somewhere between the genres of country and soft rock.
I got their first album last year, we were supposed to see them live but they cancelled 5 days before due to 'personal differences of interest'. Apparently, the duo have had their own Civil War and are now barely talking... but their new single is amazing. New album out August 6th, it's going on the wish list!

3. Skater dresses. I have a dark blue velvet one but I would love some jersey fabric, plain skater dresses just for pottering about town. They're simple and feminine, and don't cost much either.

4. Iced tea. I love Whittards instant teas, and they are just as good as iced tea. We filled up an empty glass bottle from Ikea with the instant tea, let it cool and then put it in the fridge. Heaven!

5. Summer jewellery. I have a LOT of jewellery, but some of it I have just fallen out of love with. I am going to search for some fresh pieces in colours that match things I wear often.

6. Magicool/cooling spray. A life saver in this 30 degrees summer we are having over here in the UK. I really suffer from the heat and it is as hot in our home as it is outside, plus the stuffiness of it being enclosed in well-insulated walls. This produces a fine mist of water on your skin and cools you down a treat.

7. Stabilo 88 fineliners. As mentioned in my previous 'My Week' post, I have 12 Stabilo pens and have discovered they do even more colours!! You can buy them individually at CultPens. *Kaching* checkout. :D

8. My Minds Eye Chalk Studio paper collection. My Minds Eye are a fresh and cute scrapbooking paper company, and have just bought out a new collection called Chalk Studio. I love the rich black and soft white chalk lines on the designs, I think this is going on the wishlist to decorate my journal pages!

9. MT washi tape. I think everyone I know wants this set of pastel washi tapes from MT. They look so cute and pretty together, really fresh colours. I'm not sure I'd use the whole of each roll though.

10. Paperchase Frame Academy sticky tabs. A new collection from Paperchase, again in lovely summery pastel colours. I never used to be a pastel girl, I guess I've changed!

11. Mojitos!! Cool and refreshing, one of my favourite alcoholic summer drinks.

12. Purple satchel. I have been staring at the web page for this, for months. No joke. And this month I may actually be able to afford her! Isn't she beautiful?

13. Filofax Original in Purple. Ok, this one, I'm torn. I've heard some nice reviews, I've heard some terrible reviews. The strap is too short, the front gets scratched, and what the hell is with the elastic weird bits in the front cover? But... look how well she goes with the satchel...

14. Hamsa hand necklace. I really love this motif at the moment, I don't know why. I think the eye in the middle of the hand is something to do with protection?

15. Elizabeth Arden Cherry Blossom. I found this tonight while browsing perfumes. I have EA's Green Tea perfume and it's definitely my favourite in this weather. I would rather like to smell it. :)

16. Basic Grey Capsule collection. Another scrapbook paper company, they have just released a 'Smash*' knockoff range. Really cute embellishments, and lovely and colourful!

17. Blackcurrant and Elderflower Pimms. Oh golly. If you're anything like me, it's always Pimms o'clock (please drink responsibly...). And now they've made a purple version? Must... try. I've been trying to find the little sampler tins but can't find them anywhere!

Hope this has been an exciting ride for you, what's on your wishlist?


Unknown said...

I like this feature!
Where are you thinking of getting your satchel from?

laura jane said...

Thanks Danni! I'm going to get it from the Vintage Satchel Company, cheapest I have seen, and they sent me a swatch of the purple leather, it's a beautiful colour!
You know, since I made this moodboard I've decided I want to stick with my grape Domino personal, it's my favourite colour :)

Unknown said...

I've been wanting to ask this for a while... But what app do you use to make your moodboards?

laura jane said...

Hi Melissa, I just use Microsoft Word :)