Monday, 8 July 2013

My Week 27

I have two different layouts to show you this week, as I am now using my A5 Domino as a journal. So I thought I'd put it all in one post.

Here is week 27 in my personal Domino, which is my daily planner. I decided to use stamping this week rather than washi tape, as I'm trying to save my washi tape for my journal. I will archive both diaries at the end of the year but I'm more likely to save the journal pages as they are more sentimental.

The butterfly was stamped onto paper, cut out and I used a glue stick to adhere it to the page.

And here is my week in my A5 journal, I've used the same purple colour scheme but a different theme... baking!

As some of you who are members of the Facebook group will know, I've had some issues with a Polaroid Pogo photo printer I purchased on eBay. The listing said it didn't come with a charger, so I thought that would be okay, because I can just buy one second hand from somewhere.

No, I can't. The Pogo has been discontinued, and in Polaroid's words, 'all stock of batteries and chargers is exhausted.' Good. So that was a waste of time and money, and the Pogo is going back on eBay.

On the plus side, I did print out some pictures on my normal printer this morning and they've come out quite well, so all in all the outcome isn't so bad. I wish I had just tried my normal printer before I wasted my money though!

Here are some pictures I added to last week's pages - a custom made journaling card of a photo I took of some flowers on our window sill - (the sky was an amazing colour), and a small picture of the lush milkshake I had and the fact that I wanted my hair cut really badly!!

Do you think my printer does my pages justice?


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Brighton Breezy Sarah said...

Don't give up on the PoGo! Just take it into somewhere like Maplins and buy a 9 volt adapter ... you can buy them with multi connectors so that you can find the right size!