Monday, 22 October 2012

Testing a New Diary Layout - Filofax

I realised last night that my current diary is not working because everything looks so jumbled up and confusing. I asked on Filofax for Philofaxy Fans facebook page what others' ideas were for making things look less confusing. Some of you colour code, some of you use better designed diary pages, some of you add in an extra notes page between diary pages for those extra to-do's.

I spent an hour or so this evening making my own diary inserts for next year and decided to trial them for two weeks this year to see how I get on.

The picture above is from a template I found on Philofaxy. I have events and schedule on the left page and to-dos for days of the week on the right.

I'm going to get these pens as well, I have one already in purple and one in black and they write really nicely. As my dividers are colour coded, I will use the following colours to indicate different things:

Purple - general schedule, work, health
Orange - money, travel, car
Red - notes, home, special dates
Green - bills, social
Blue - creative, entertainment
Yellow (or black as yellow doesn't show up well) - food, shopping

Will let you know how I get on in two weeks, and once I get my lovely pens!


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Those are nice looking pages.