Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Custom Inserts

I have spent some time over the past few weeks printing my own inserts. I ordered a pack of budget plain personal sized paper (pre-punched, single sheets, not the expensive perforated paper Filofax sell on their website). I thought I would have a go printing on the single sheets and it really is so incredibly quick and easy, no fuss, and no confusion as to how to load the paper!

You can also easily print on both sides of the paper, and it's easy to adjust the margins on MS Word so the writing doesn't interfere with the holes.

By the way, these are my new dividers, I cut them from A4 plastic dividers I've had for ages (got them from Woolworths!) As much as I loved my old dividers they were getting very tatty. As my plastic dividers are different colours, I am colour coding my sections, so the heading on my custom inserts matches the divider.

Check out how much room is left in the Filofax after I've shoved all my crap in it! On the right are my contact pages. I don't have that many addresses so I made brand new inserts and filled them in myself with my teenie tiny writing. Also used a Frixion pen as people move lots. You can see here the word 'Contacts' matches the green divider.

Creativity section is mostly music related. Music wishlist, music to Spotify,  etc.

Monthly bills information all in one place, all my account numbers and telephone numbers etc. within easy reach. Red section is for Home stuff, so here you can see my cleaning routine, and measurements of all our furniture.

Orange section is for travel, we are hoping to save up to go on holiday so I have made some inserts to jot down any hotels I find on the internet which might be good options. Also a packing list which I can re-use if I fill in with my Frixion pen, and short weekend plans (we are going to Southampton in November to see a band, so I will note down our hotel info etc.)

In the purple section I have my medical/health info, I have made a sheet to detail my contact details, blood type, doctor dentist and optician details and any allergies I have and medication I am on. Sorry about the rubbish picture but for obvious reasons can't show this page!

I also have a fitness tracker. I own an exercise bike (ok, it is in the garage...) but am hoping to get a bit fitter as at the moment the most exercise I get is walking to and from the car!

Also have an appointments log in this section so I can track any doctor's appointments I have had. I think it's quite important to keep track of your medical issues or problems and then you can see where you might need to improve on health and fitness.

One of my favourite sections... Food! I printed some meal planners, used one of these last weekend when I did the food shopping and it was really useful to see at a glance what we were going to have for dinner each week night, and where in the supermarket we would find the stuff we needed. We always plan ahead with our food as it seems easier and makes it easier to budget.

Also have restaurant contacts in this section, and a few 'emergency recipes' like bolognese sauce and chilli con carne... things I often get started while my partner is on his way back from work.

Talking of work... it's the work section! I have made an annual leave planner for the remainder of this year and next year, boyfriend has to book all his holidays at once so it's good to record these in one place as we both have sieve heads!

Also have a performance reviews record... these are basically meetings with my boss, and she will tell me where I need to improve and what I'm doing well. It's just so I can remember what has been said and if I am improving on my performance at work.

I don't do much overtime but thought it would be a good idea to track when I have done overtime to make sure my pay comes through correct. My partner does a lot of overtime so I will probably print one of these to keep track of his overtime... You know with men, if you don't do it for him it probably won't get done!

I have a section on my car as well, including correct tyre pressures, little things to check like wiper fluid etc. and just some details about my car that the insurance company might need to know.

I also have a car service log to record when I have had to get her fixed for whatever reason, and also to record how much the repair cost.

Another red section for special dates, I have birthday gift ideas, christmas gift ideas, birthday and christmas lists for things I would like, Christmas card list, etc. Will also put a pocket in this section to keep gift cards I may have bought for people and things like that.

So these are my new inserts! If anyone would like any of the templates (I know they're all pretty simple) please let me know xx

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