Monday, 22 October 2012

New Inserts: How Am I Getting On?

You may have seen my picture heavy posts showing my new custom inserts for my Filofax. Here are some pictures of how I'm getting on with them.

First up is my meal planner. Me and the boyfriend sit down on a Friday night after dinner (I know, what tame, sensible 20-something year olds we are...) and plan our meals from the following week. We top up our weekly food and spending budgets on a Friday so our meal plan goes from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays we have what we call kiddy dinners, which is basically something with chips and beans, or peas! (Think fish fingers, chicken dippers, etc...)

Underneath the meal plan there's a shopping list. You can see the one below has been used while shopping. It's really useful!

I will apologise in advance for mentioning the C word... (Christmas, that is...) but I started to think about gift wrap and packaging. As we're usually hard up on cash around Christmas (as everyone is), we usually make chutney and crackers to give to family. It's fun to make and I get to be crafty and make the packaging! I made a list of the different ideas I had and different items I'd found that we could use for the chutneys this year. I've also made a Christmas to-do list and a list to jot down who I need to write thank you notes to.

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