Monday, 1 October 2012

Customising your Filofax Cover

About two years ago I started using a Domino Pocket in Chocolate. It was professional, sensible and did the job. But after using her for a few weeks, something was missing. Colour, pattern, personalisation.

I was glad I bought a Domino as they are excellent to customise. I purchased some good quality rub ons from Basic Grey and set about making the Domino a little prettier. The smooth cover means it's brilliant for customisation.

The rub ons I used are from the Pyrus collection. I was torn between vintage style and natural, but went for natural as I thought it was more 'me'. I've also got the same pocket Domino in lavender (I think? It's lilac), neither of the pockets I use anymore as I find them too small. I may find a use for them one day but they've been unused for a year so not holding my breath! If anyone would like to buy them please let me know.

Just thought I'd share this little customisation technique with you. I've also tried stamping and embossing on what I think was a metropol, this was the second Filofax I ever owned and I got very bored of the bright pink very quickly!

I just inked a large rose motif stamp with permanent ink and used black embossing powder, then used a heat gun to seal it. You have to make sure it dries properly though and be very thorough heating it. Sounds very risky using a heat gun on plastic-y leather-y stuff but it works!

 Some people use stickers on the front of their Filofax, but I prefer something more permanent that isn't going to scratch off in time. However, a sticker would probably be useful if you change your mind a lot. What about using vinyl stickers? Some companies make up custom designs for you too, so you could effectively brand your Filofax...

These are interesting too, if you like something a bit more traditional and ornate looking, a company called Hand Crafted Leathers who dismantle the cover of a regular Filofax and recover it with ornate embossed leather.

If you have a plain, fabric covered Filofax you could use this stencilling technique as demonstrated by Sense of Gravity... Good for graphic artists or people who find words and phrases inspiring.

Have any of you lovely people customised the front cover of your Filofax?


Alice Emerald said...

I LOVE the Metropol with the rose on it! So clever! This has made me want to buy one and diy, although i would be so poo at it!

laura jane said...

Aww thanks! Have a go, I was surprised at how nice it turned out! Just get a cheap one off eBay and mess around with it x

Nancy said...

Hey, just found out about your blog! Nice job on the customizations! I like a lot. (Nancy of SenseOfGravity)

laura jane said...

Hi Nancy, thanks for the comment :) Nice job to you too!

Nancy said...

Laura Jane - Look what I stumbled across!