Sunday, 7 October 2012

Filofax Designs: Your Comments Needed!

Hi all,
Suffering from the autumn cold at the moment, so on this lazy Sunday came up with the idea of designing some Filofaxes.

I'm not a fan at all of any of the Alice Temperley filos so I thought I'd try my hand at designing some. I do have experience in textile design, and won a design award two years ago.

I thought I would ask the Filofax community for your opinions on the following:

1. Colour
2. Material (leather, fabric, other)
3. Size preference
4. Fastening - pop, zipped, elastic
5. Pockets inside or inbuilt features on the inside covers
6. Anything else! (Uses, etc.)

Your comments would be much appreciated, I have a couple of ideas but thought I'd ask for some inspiration! Will post all of my designs here on my blog.


Anonymous said...

If you are going the Temperly route like fashion-y I would suggest shades of brown or black and use annimal prints, lace, etc. As for materials, I think most people use FF for the leather material unless you come up with some awesome homemade FF with good quality cloth and pattern. I would go for personal sizing in 23mm as that it most generic. Sometimes compact is too small and if you spend the time to create one why not go a little larger. I like the standard pockets that come in Finsbury or Chameleon.

Cheryl said...

I like the ideas above. I would also like to see animal print and something classy that would go with blacks and browns as well. I would also like to see another take on the current Ikat one that is out in another fabric/color. I like the idea of a wallet combined with planner but I did not like that pattern or color. Also I read that the planner slides in and out of the wallet which sounds like a good idea but if it is a loose fit (as reviewed by others on Philofaxy) then that is not good. So, I'm thinking a wallet combined with a compact ring size but a different wallet/pocket configuration than the Pennybridge or the current Temperly wallet/filo that is out in the Ikat fabric. That one is horrid. Again, I would go with an animal print maybe trimmed in black or chocolate brown with matching leather interior, compact rings (maybe in gold) and a nice 'tab' for the zipper pull in gold also with the Filofax icon. If the major part of the wallet is going to fabric I would like the leather trim and inside section to be a rich buttery leather vs stiff so that your credit cards slide in and out of their slots easily not like some where the leather is so stiff you can easily remove your cash or credit cards.

laura jane said...

Wasn't really thinking if going down the Temperley route as I don't like the designs, but thank you for your comments, going to work on some designs later on in the week. Might even send them to Filofax!

Jotje said...

What I really would love to see (FINALLY!): a wallet compartment on a personal sized Filofax. You know, just like the one most Pocket Filofaxes have. To store paper or maybe bills and stuff. That would be soooo neat!

Shadow Wolf said...

Are you basically looking for what our dream binder would be? If so...

Colour - Bright colours - pink, purple, yellow maybe

Material - recycled vintage/humane leather - really soft and flexible (like the Malden line)

Size - slimline A5 definitely

Fastening - not one of your given options but I'd prefer a magnet or something equally quick and easy to flip open and closed

Pockets etc - Yes please! Hmm. I'd love to see one with a Flex pocket in the back rather than a notepad pocket, or maybe even a built-in 'swingpad' type section? In the front, a zipped full-length, slip full-length and loads of card pockets but landscape rather than portrait orientation (Like the Chameleon not the Malden)

Anything else - Come with co-ordinating colour dividers without any predefined labelling - both six and twelve-thirteen part ones. Maybe even a set of 6 with top tabs and a set of 12 with side tabs? Coloured rulers - again, not pre-marked, but several in different colours (come on Filofax, would that be *so* hard?). Since it's a fashion design, a nice decorated flyleaf, maybe even some stickers? Maybe the rulers could even have some kind of themed design?

You're really getting me thinking - now I want to design some! I know this is girly, but that's okay, right? And if this isn't what you were thinking, feel free to ignore me :)

laura jane said...

Awesome ideas hun, thank you for your comments, really good ideas there.
I've added a post with my first cover design but hoping to do actual mood boards rather than just a sketch so should be adding some urged bits e.g dividers and rulers.
Stickers is such a great idea too!!