Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My Domino Family

I think I have decided what I'm going to use my Dominos for.

So far, the family consists of a mummy, my personal domino in Grape, and two babies (or pocket size) in chocolate and lavender.


You'll be pleased to know, the babies have found their long lost grandma, the A5 domino. I've been so tempted to buy an A5 for a while now, and knew I wanted a domino because they're so versatile and they hold so many pages. She is black, and I'm going to use her for my crafting and writing.

I'm positive I can use the whole family at once, and here's how:

Black A5 - Crafting/Writing Filofax
Grape Personal - everday diary and planner/organiser
Lavender Pocket - my song lyrics
Chocolate Pocket - either song lyrics binder 2, or colour combinations binder

The Crafting binder will have 5 sections, fairly simple. Projects, Inspiration, Information, Notes and Writing. I do a lot of thinking, and I used to write a lot about what was on my mind. I think having somewhere nice to store my thoughts would be very beneficial. The projects tab will hold all of the projects I'm in the middle of (for instance my Life Story project, where I need to write notes about everything in my life so far before I transfer the information to the book), inspiration (images of handmade cards, scrapbook pages and interior design schemes), information (different kinds of window dressings and paint types for interior design, different techniques for cardmaking), notes section will be just that, notes. I wanted a different coloured Domino really, I was thinking green or blue, spring colours, as they inspire me, so I will probably be decorating the domino's cover somehow.

Personal Grape will stay as she is, she works very well.

Lavender Pocket - I do a lot of songwriting, I have recorded ten demo CDs in the past 10 years (yes, since I was 14, full of angst you see!) All of the cds have about ten songs on, I thought it'd be really handy to have my lyrics in pocket size, and the pocket domino actually fits perfectly in the secret compartment in my guitar case... so this was an obvious choice really! I can also keep business cards in the front for any venues or instrument suppliers I like.

The chocolate pocket will be used eventually but will probably be a back-up for now. Colour combinations might go in the A5 as another section, but I thought it'd be nice to have a colour combination per pocket page as a little flip book rather than several on an A5 page. Or,  might use her as a baking journal... the posibilities are endless really!

It's really important for me to keep my hobbies going, sometimes when we grow up and start a full time job it's easy to lose sight of the things that once kept us busy and happy in our spare time. I'm not trying to stay young, I just want to hold on to the things that make me happy, and being creative (and baking) make me happy!

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Unknown said...

Domino's everywere (*w*)
Ohhhh I almost got my piggy broken and got myself an A5 bronze Domino Snake but I didn't (T_T)