Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Creative Planner

My lovely A5 Domino in black arrived last week, and I have been researching different ideas to make sure I get the most use out of my planner.

Previously I set up a crafts journal. I bought an interiors journal from Paperchase, divided it into sections, decorated the cover and made my own tabs. That was about two years ago. The book is still empty. So there's proof that this idea didn't work so well. It wasn't inspiring enough, and I hadn't taken the time to really consider what I personally need to be able to bring out my creative side.

The interiors journal from Paperchase was similar to this Wellbeing one. It seems they don't stock the range of social books they used to, so I was lucky to have had this brain wave a few years ago, even if it's now a fail.

Here is where the fail becomes a win though. You know the bigger the Filofax you buy, the more expensive the inserts and paper are? Well I decided I would turn my craft planner fail into something beautiful. So I dismantled my Paperchase journal.
The paper you get in the journal is excellent. A nice quality, and you get a combination of lined, plain and grid paper. This is perfect for a crafts/interiors/writing journal. I took all the pages from the spiral bound planner, trimmed the old holes off and punched new holes. Below is a picture of the new pages in my Filofax.

You also get various different A5 size plastic pockets, which are brilliant. Some of them are 4x6" photo sized, some are full A5 size, some have half pockets and there is one full length zip close pocket too. Perfect! I trimmed and punched these as well.

Now is the difficult part... sorting out the specific sections, and making my tabs look creative and inspiring. I don't want to go over the top as it might distract me from looking outside the box, but I do want some colour and fun.
This is my front cover as you open the binder...
And this is the back of that page.
Here's some stuff I've collected that I want to put in my binder...

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Amy @PatchworkHome said...

Looks awesome! I love the owls on the front page :)