Sunday, 4 November 2012

Some Ideas for Custom Inserts

It seems custom inserts are in demand at the moment. I've found my own inserts very useful in keeping me organised, and it's also helped me find things in my filofax as I've colour coded my sections (I aim to tidy this up, at the moment I have purple, orange, blue, green, yellow and red but I want different colours for each section - 15 in total!)

I'm going to produce some new templates every month as a pack, e.g this month will be a pack to keep you organised at Christmas. I need to work out how to set up a downloadable files section on my blog so you don't have to directly request, you can just download to your hearts content!

Will post as soon as I've done the November pack, and if you have any requests please leave a comment below!


Ray Blake said...

You can store the files on and link to them from your blog post. That's how I do it.

Steve Morton said...

Or Google Drive, or Dropbox...