Thursday, 15 November 2012

Colour Combinations Filofax

I have two empty pocket Domino's which I have tried to sell but no one was interested. So, I decided rather than leave them empty, I would find uses for them. I have decided I am going to use the lavender one as a colour combinations Filofax, as I make a lot of cards and do scrapbooking, and am always trying to think of which colour combinations to use.

I started by searching the web for inspiration. I was just going to do the whole Filofax with no dividers, just opages of colour combinations... (Images are Courtesy of a blog I found from a Papertrey Ink user).

Then I thought it'd be nice to do some tabs for other card making inspiration and bits...
I also found some really nice websites where you can create colour combinations. I can then print these out and add them into my binder.
(Picture courtesy of Photo Card Boutique)
Has anyone else used their Filofax for creative purposes?


Alison Reeves said...

Wow Laura - that looks great! I have a feeling I had a colour combination book which I used when designing ads for the mag we used to produce - I must have a look. I really love the dividers - did you make those as well? I especially like the font you have used for the tabs.

laura jane said...

Hi Alison =) the pictures are just of design inspiration, I didnt make them unfortunatel =( i will post another blog post once ive started though!

Anonymous said...

I used to love that website that gave you the colour combos. do you have a link?
Didn't notice that you were trying to sell the dominos.
Great idea. x