Saturday, 31 August 2013

Project Life Filofax

I have a Domino in Ultra Violet on the way which I will be using as my journal (my current journal pages are in my daily planner as I have nowhere else to keep them at the moment).

I keep looking at Project Life, and how colourful and planned out the pages look. And then I remember how expensive project life is, and that puts me off.

So, after hours of browsing and dreaming this afternoon on Pinterest, I've had a play around on the computer to try and put my ideas into some kind of visual way to explain how I'd use Project Life in a Filofax. It's something I have wanted to do for some time, I think it looks visually beautiful.

I thought about getting credit card holders and doing 6 cards a week, although they would cost a lot, I'd need 104 a year! I saw a photo where someone had just stuck the Project Life cards onto the paper. Great idea! (Sorry I can't remember what the link was but will link back if I find it again).

Here's my dream:

You can get literally loads of free Project Life printables on the internet which can then be resized, altered and printed out. I like the idea of having a combination of photographs and journaling - I think that's what I've been missing in my current setup.

It would even solve the issue of bleed-through if I want to use stamps, because I can just stamp directly onto the journaling card or cardstock. I have loads of scrapbooking paper I can use, and like I have done this week, I can order four sets of co-ordinating cardstock and stickers for just over £10 which will last me a whole month's worth of pages.

I'm going to try this out in real life (not on the computer) and see if it works. I hope it does, and I hope I will be able to keep it up, I think it's a lovely thing to be able to record your memories and moments in such a beautiful way.

Adding thickness to pages also won't be an issue, as I'll be using my personal Domino just for journaling and creative writing.

What do you reckon?!


Michelle said...

Looks great! I have thought about PL,too, but not able to invest time & money right now. We are heading to the beach next week and I knew I would use my dairy pages as a scrapbook of sorts. Thanks for the idea!

LJ said...

That looks like it will be great - I was bad the other day and splashed out on a load of PL goodies, partly because they just look so damned gorgeous and there was a special offer on the limited edition stuff, and partly because I barely have time to print out photos, let alone anything else, at the moment. I am hoping that as I get my time under better control that I will be able to start using my Filofaxes for this type of thing as well. :-)

Turtlemoon Tarot said...

Oh this is great! Ive wanted to do this for a little while, but couldnt work out how!!! Thank you!!!

Claudia said...

This is what ive been looking for :)
I want to use my A5 finsbury for my PL, so now i know how to do so..
Thanx for sharing

Vicki said...

Great idea

Vicki said...

Great idea