Thursday, 1 August 2013

August Wishes & Loves

I know my July Wishes and Loves was only posted two or so weeks ago, but my aim is to do one on the 1st of each month, it makes more sense!

Here are my wishes and loves for August:
1. Simple Stories new paper collections. I watched a video on their new releases the other day, the papers are so cheerful and lovely!
2. Dreaming collection from Kikki K. Oh man, I wish I lived in Australia, for no other reason than Kikki K. They've released a new stationery collection called Dreaming, which uses gorgeous pastel colours. I love these little bird stickers!
3. Midori Belt Sticker. If you read my blog often, you'll know I replaced the elastic on my A5 Domino Filofax with ribbon. But because I use the Domino every day for journaling, it's getting a bit irritating having to undo the ribbon all the time. These Midori belt stickers are adhesive pop-closures.
4. From Brainwave to Business book. More of a subtle hint of the future... *mystical music*
5. Lemon Sorbet. Particularly Morrisons lemon sorbet, I discovered it a few weeks ago - it has pieces of lemon peel in it and is so fresh and delicious, a great way to cool down!
6. Journaling cards. I use one per week in my journal, hole punch it, write on it, decorate it, and add photos and stamping. You can get some lovely designs, thank you to everyone who sent me RAKs of journaling cards, I adore them!!
7. Cherries. Juicy, the darker the better, just lovely, and I really like the colour of cherries too! I find it just as satisfying eating a bowl of cherries than a bowl of sweets, it makes me feel much better about myself!
8. VW Camper vans. I spotted a greeny-yellow pastel coloured camper in a car park the other day and wanted to photograph it but wasn't sure how happy the owner would be... I have wanted a VW camper van for a while now, they're retro and amazing! :D
9. Retro eye makeup. I love this style, I would love to be able to try it one day.
10. Once Upon a Time. This is a TV Series (it's American, but in the UK it's shown on Channel 5 on Sunday nights) about fairytale characters who live in a small American town. They slowly realise their past, it's really amazing! My favourite character is Rumple Stiltskin (or in the 'real' world, Mr. Gold). Robert Carlyle plays the character so well.
11. Turquoise nail polish. I love this colour! It looks really cute as nail varnish. <3
12. Papermate Flexgrip ballpoint pens. I bought a pack of 2 of these the other day, one for my journal and one for my planner. They are so lovely and smooth to write with, and no bleedthrough, unfortunately when I tried to write something on my homemade inserts my Stabilo black pen bled right through!
13. Cleaning and sticking to it. Yes, I've won myself a badge. One week of washing the dishes straight after dinner, then putting the dried items away in the morning while the kettle is boiling. Go, me!
What are you wishing for? x

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