Sunday, 18 August 2013

My Week 33

Another fairly non-eventful week to be honest... I try and make my life sound interesting but really, this week, I've got nothing.

Except my purple satchel arrived (happy face) and I'm now a step-auntie of two. :)

Here is this week in my journal, please ignore the dates, as I said in my previous weekly post I completely messed my pages up and haven't got round to correcting the dates yet.

After I decorated the page, it reminded me of Joni Mitchell's song, Big Yellow Taxi (purely because of the shade of yellow, and the American place names washi tape). I now think of that song every time I look at the page!

As you may have noticed I add journaling cards in between my weekly pages. This is because on pay day every month I order wallet size photos to add to my pages, it's cheaper than printing at home and better quality. Here's the picture for this week:

My boyfriend unfortunately had to work on Saturday so I decided to make him one of his favourite cake/biscuits, millionaire's shortbread. I was quite proud of it!
Here is week 33 in my planner. I literally cannot express how much I love these pages from Organised Mum, I can see exactly what I need to know straight away.
This week has a Victorian theme, with a birdcage stamp and metallic washi tapes in rust colours. It looks a little bit steampunk, but mostly Victorian. A very nice look.
You can see on my week page I have two random bits of washi tape, my Dad was going to visit this weekend but as my step-niece was due to arrive any day he decided to stay at home just in case. That's the annoying thing about writing in pen, you can't change it!!
And just because I feel like it, here's a quote to close your week with good thoughts. Have good thoughts! :)
How has your week been?

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LJ said...

Joni Mitchell reference and a fab quote - what more could a week need? xxx