Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Planning Ahead: 2013 Journal

I have been considering getting myself a journal for next year.

When I was in my teens (I'm now 23), I used to buy an A5 journal for every year from WHSmith, day per page. There was lots of room to write my thoughts, things that happened that day, and if I had nothing in particular to say I'd either scrawl some random ramblings on the page, sketch a strange piece of art or write a poem or song. I used to find it really calming to write before I went to bed, and now a few years later it's interesting to look back and read what happened in my life. It's strange how we forget those little moments that make us who we are.

This is why I think it's important that I keep a journal next year. I'm sure it won't be half as exciting or as high or scary a rollercoaster as my teen years (mainly due to the fact that after many years of hard work I'm actually in a stable, loving relationship with someone who cares more about me than himself), but it will be inspiring, and that's part of my life that I'm definitely missing.

I definitely need a day per page, and probably A5 size again, although little A6 diaries are easy to carry if I travel anywhere and may need to write. I like the innocence of a blank white page so it will probably be quite a basic diary. I don't like too much going on on the page before I get to it - like Dodopad diaries, all the colours and writing already on the page are great but not really what I'm looking for.

Paperchase diaries are brilliant in that the designs and colours are inspiring, but one thing I find SO unbelievably irritating is most of their day to page diaries have time slots printed down the side. Hard to believe but I'm sure some of you will agree with me, even this could possibly mean I buy this journal, use it for a week and throw it on the bookshelf, the rest of the year unwritten.

I wouldn't say price is not an issue, I do have a limited budget, in fact I usually ask for a journal for Christmas as it is a useful gift. But, I don't mind spending that little extra money on something that is exactly what I'm looking for, and is a little different and creative. Good quality paper is always a bonus also, as I will definitely be writing on both sides of the page.

I also like to stick things in my diary, like concert tickets, photos, dried flowers, that kind of thing, so there shouldn't be a closure on the journal. I don't mind that, by December, the spine is giving way and screaming at me, 'please will you just stop cramming me with all this life crap'.

Here are a couple I have found that I really love... I'll explain the love for dark and brooding now before the questions flood in... I used to be a goth between the ages of about 17 and 20. I really loved gothic romantic paintings like Ophelia (left), and my favourite poem was How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. I loved deep red roses, wine, the beauty of gothic stuff generally. I wrote my own poetry, sang my own songs about unrequited love... but my bedroom was painted lime green and pink...

These three beauties are from Paperblanks. I love the rich colours, and the elegant look to them. Quite fancy and dramatic, but I like that.
Downside... sodding time slots on the pages again! Should I just get over it?

I like this leather journal below in a beautiful aqua colour from Cavallini & Co, but there is no picture on their website of the inside. I suspect they are just blank pages, which makes me lose my way somewhat. I do own a date stamp though, so although time consuming, this might not be an issue.
(afterthought... just found a picture of the inside and guess what... time slots :,(...)

Then I looked at Moleskines... same issue with the time slots... By now you've probably closed this blog as you're fed up of me whining about time slots, I'm sorry.

Now, to my last resort for tonight, quite frankly losing my rag about the whole time slot thing, and chilli con carne is ready soon =) Enter Paperchase...

Ahh this is pretty, I love butterflies. And... no time slots! Just a decent page of lined paper waiting for my fluttering ramblings. Not sure about the beige cover though... It is very pretty though... this could be the one! And a bargain at only £9 =)

Hope you enjoyed this post, if there is anyone who got to the end of it without saying 'seriously woman, give the time slots a rest.'


Amy said...

Hi Laura, I came across your blog via Philofaxy web finds. I've really enjoyed reading all your posts! I have the exact Finsbury as you (had) and I am now inspecting mine for signs of wear! So sad about yours. I have also been thinking about starting to journal next year. I was given a Martha Stewart journal from Staples earlier this year. I used it as a DIY planner for a while before reverting back to my Filofax. It has really nice paper, lies flat so is easy to write in, has a pocket inside the back cover, a elastic closure but no dates but you could easily add these with your crafty skills I'm sure and make it look pretty. The range is currently on 40% off in Staples if it's of any interest. Good luck with the journal search, I hope to hear more about it in the new year :) Amy x

laura jane said...

Hi Amy, sorry it has taken me so long to reply, it's been a busy week! I'm glad you've enjoyed reading my posts, that's always nice to hear :) I hope your Finsbury is ok!
I actually got the butterfly paperchase one for my birthday two weeks ago and it's really beautiful, obviously not started using it yet but once I do I will write a review :)
Thanks again and hope to hear from you soon :) xx

Amy said...

Ahh, it's very pretty! Hope you enjoy using it :) x

Anonymous said...

Hi.Great post. I was a goth in the 80's (I'm 51 now. It's funny, but the things I loved then, I still love now. Pre-Raphaelite art (especially Waterhouse), sister of mercy, nine inch nails, the mission, this mortal coil, I could go on. I'm still a goth inside, but you wouldn't know now to see me.

It's good that you keep journals when you are young. I wish I had coz I really can't remember the things that would have been good to have reminders of. I love the Paperblanks, couldn't cope the formats though. Keep going with the blog, it's great xxx