Friday, 14 September 2012

Friday Review

I decided to fill my Friday evenings with something that others may enjoy. I don't know how many people look at the 'Recommended Artists' page on websites like Amazon, HMV, Play, etc. but while listening to a few months ago my boyfriend and I discovered a really beautiful band.

My first Friday Review is of said band... the wonderfully stunning The Civil Wars. My review is of their first album, Barton Hollow.

The album consists of songs which provide you with a comfort blanket when you are confused about someone you 'don't love, but always will', to the title track Barton Hollow which portrays a very Western cowboy sound.

With John Paul and Joy's perfect harmonies, the hairs are certain to stand up on the back of your neck, your arms and probably make it feel like a tiny pixie is tugging on your heart. Not only do the lyrics of their songs bring so much emotion, the passion John Paul and Joy share within these songs is beautiful, but sometimes sad. I always did love melancholy.

And to watch the duo perform their songs live, it is no wonder to the mind that people assume they are a couple, actually they are both married to other people. My comment to that would be, I'm very glad they are not a couple, because I like to think there is some kind of strange mutual unrequited love between them.

For instance, the song I've Got This Friend, reminds me of times when you are speaking to someone and referring to yourself as 'I've got this friend who has this problem, and "my friend" is not sure what to do...'.

My favourite track on the album would have to be Poison and Wine, which was featured on an episode of Grey's Anatomy. This really gave The Civil Wars the success they deserve, as hundreds of fans Google'd the song that was playing and discovered it was a duo consisting of a Johnny Depp doppelganger and a beautiful, petite lady. Poison and Wine is a duet, where by the lines of the song bounce between John Paul and Joy:

JP: "You only know what I want you to." (I don't tell you everything)
J: "I know everything you don't want me to." (You don't have to, I already know)
JP: "Your mouth is poison, your mouth is wine." (You're so sweet but so deadly at the same time)
J: "You think your dream's the same as mine." (You think we want the same but you're wrong)

 The chorus is introduced by the striking piano chords which create a creschendo of passion. You can feel their words and their emotions, it's almost surreal. Every time I hear this song, it blows me away.

Finally, have a look at the live chemistry these beautiful pair evoke...

I hope you will take a moment to apprecciate the sound of this beautiful, authentic band, and I would love to hear your comments.

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