Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Filofax Decoration: Everyday Planner

Long time no speak, how is everyone!

Well we are in the midst of the wedding planning chaos and I decided that my personal Finsbury was just not working for me. It wouldn't lie flat which was really annoying me, and I started to wish I'd never sold my grape domino. Low and behold... I was sent one by a lovely lady and am so far in my first week really getting along with it again. I'm not sure if it's quite the grape colour I had before but it's definitely close enough.

Just a few pictures of my favourite things at the moment - Filofax Domino, Kindle and my heatable owl <3
Anyway, today I'm talking about my plans for decoration for my Domino! Although I've started using her this week she's not decorated at all really. It's something I enjoy doing and find it helps me with my enthusiasm to use my Filofax if it looks nice.
These are my pages from this week, super busy due to wedding plans. An absolute essential writing things down at the moment, my mind is all over the place.
 You'll notice I've diverted from the Organised Mum inserts which I used to love. I purchased a pack for 2015 and well.. firstly they'd not sent me the page for week commencing 23rd March (great choice of date by the way, this is when our honeymoon is...) secondly, when I first used the inserts in my Finsbury the holes seemed like they weren't punched in the right place but I thought it might have just been the rings. Then I put them in my Domino and had the same issue! Not impressed at all.
So I've gone back to cotton cream week on two pages and I actually really like it this time round.
So my decoration plans for my personal Domino... enter moodboard (come on, you know me, how else?!) I introduce you to Wildflower!

The paper, stickers and journaling cards are from Carta Bella's Wildflower scrapbook collection. I love the woodland theme and the lovely colours in this collection. Not too bright, but cheerful enough. I love the deer washi tape as well. (Going on my wishlist!)
I'm currently on a No Spend February so I can't buy anything yet, but I do have the stickers from this collection already so I might try something out with those first.
Check out the next blog post for Filofax Decoration: Travel Planner featuring Ocean Melody by Websters Pages!


Giftie Etcetera said...

The cream is so nice. I almost never see cream paper in America anymore.

lisa said...

Oh those Dominos! I have a love/hate relationship with mine: it works but I don't like the way it feels. So I go back and forth between wanting to keep it and getting rid of it. May I ask about the heatable owl? I looked at the website and it says "delicately scented with lavender". So how delicate is "delicate"? TIA-Freezing in Virginia

laura jane said...

Hi Lisa, it's fairly strong but will help you sleep. It depends how hot you heat it, but I usually do mine for a minute and a half and that's perfect 😊

lisa said...

Good to know! Thanks so much:))